Audi Twin Service

Audi Point of Sale goes digital!

Audi is the world-class luxury car brand. Audi models are de facto household names. Going way beyond his flagship models, Audi has set to offer a complete customer-centric experience to his customers. Audi Customer Service took the step of digitizing their point of sale. As an Audi car owner, you have now have an iPad app to appreciate how well your car is being serviced. As an Audi customer, you get to watch your car being serviced live on the iPad!

Audi customers stop by their dealership for their car servicing. They are then comfortably sitted and provided with an Ipad. With the the Audi Twin Service, they have access to the video livestream of their car being serviced at the workshop. The experience is augmented by overlaying video and other multimedia material over the livestream. For all the different jobs performed during the car maintenance, the customer can watch and see for themselves the rationale for each inspection operation. The dealership can also push his own specific offers through the Audi Twin Service app.

Benefits for Audi

* Audi offers full transparency to their customers and instil even greater customer confidence not only in the legitimacy of each diagnosis but also in the integrity of the maintenance process.

* Audi enables each dealership to upsell on car equipment and accessories.


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