Hotel Opera Batignolles

It's all about the guest!

The Opera Batignolles is located in midtown Paris. it is operated by the Paris Inn Group ( and it attracts both a tourist & business clientele. So when rolling out a mobile app, it became evident to the digital team of Paris Inn and the hotel management that the experience delivered through the app was to increase the number of repeat customers. Since the focus was on building up retention, the following functionalities were put forward: ordering room service food and beverages, conciergeries services including buying tickets for Paris points of interest, advising hotel guests what to visit. To top it off, the hotel can send to the app personalized and specials offers for future stays. Guest app users are push-notified of such attractive deals and can right after book online.

As the app revolved around engaging the customer into booking through their mobile for their next stay and driving up ancillary revenues, it absolutely had to meet 3 criteria: highly-personalized experience, make the guest feel special, communicate easily with hotel residents. The MobyView platform came in handy to deliver on these promises. Opera Batignolles made the most of it by powering its back-office on our Drupal-based solution for both e-concierge services and commerce-related features (e.g. room service and ticket purchasing). They also took advantage of MobyView push notification and beacon features to constantly communicate with their guests and sends the most timely offers.

Benefits for Hotel Opera Batignolles

  • Opera Batignolles increases its revenues by making direct offers to its guests
  •  Turn first time guests into repeat customers.

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