Growing market opportunities

Jones Lang LaSalle is a global company, specializing in commercial real-estate, with revenue exceeding $3 billion. JLL France, their French subsidiary, is a leader in commercializing office space for sale and lease. Their audience consists primarily of executives looking for office space for their companies. Their mobile app was created as a means of catering to these busy corporate executives with overwhelmed schedules.

At the core of the app are the search and the geolocation search features! JLL France has thousands of property listings. The geolocation search is pivotal as it helps office managers and CEOs to easily find new premises for their companies. In the case of a specific interest in a offer, the mobile user can make a request to visit the office space, which feeds directly into the JLL France CRM. The user experience for this app was enhanced with a helpful augmented reality feature. The MobyView connector technology pulls the offers directly and real-time from JLL property management system.

Benefits for JLL France

  • By creating an app, Jones Lang LaSalle France extended its comprehensive offering to the mobile sphere.
  • JLL France is now using the mobile channels to collect more leads and augment their capacity to close deals.
  • Check out their website here:

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