Les Affaires

Networking at a trade show!

Based in Canada, Les Affaires in the business of organizing conferences and trade shows. For the 2014 Mobile Marketing Conference, they wanted to create an app to complement the user experience of the conference attendees. What platform is better than LinkedIn to create networking opportunities amongst the conference attendees? MobyView stepped in to place LinkedIn at the center of their app.

Attendees of the Mobile Marketing conference will register through their LinkedIn profiles and will check-in on the day of the conference by scanning a QR code. They can view the other attendees' LinkedIn profiles and connect with them. They can also access the conference schedule, rate each conference, and download the script of each conference. The app was built on the MobyView platform in 10 days, with the user management based on LinkedIn authentication. To make this app even more useful, we added the check-in function through QR scan.

Benefits for Les Affaires

  • The app provides Les Affaires with high-visibility, as conference attendees have been made more pro-active.
  • They can evaluate attendee’s satisfaction right away.
  • Their app enables conference attendees to network, which is one of the primary goals of attending a conference or trade show.

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