Making Life Easier For Vets

Med'Vet's organization is the digital arm of pharmaceutical companies specializing in veterinary medicine. Aware of the growing importance of the mobile platform, Med'Vet realized that providing a drug index on the go would be quite handy for Vets writing drug prescriptions. MobyView came onto the scene to insure that the full drug index was made available on mobile.

The Med'Vet app is primarily a search app, as browsing through a multitude of drugs had to be made quick and easy. As MobyView comes in with a powerful full-text search engine, the Med'Vet app was smoothly constructed on MobyView without writing a single line of code! Met'Vet added one extra level of difficulty: the app for the iOS and Android had to be implemented in just 5 days- in time to reveal it at the annual veterinary gathering. Guess what? We delivered it right on time!

Benefits for Med'Vet

  • Through the Med’Vet app, pharmaceutical companies are able to cater to the needs of the vets.
  • Met’Vet’s availability both offline and online makes the app an invaluable informative tool for vets practicing in rural or secluded areas.
  • Vets can scan drug packets through the Med’Vet app and get all the information they need about the selected drug.
  • Med’Vet doesn’t have to worry about the complexity of managing full-text searche offline or online: MobyView is taking care of it!

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