Paris Street Art

Blending Geolocation With Urban Culture in Paris

L'Artefact is an association that brings together artists with a shared passion for urban Art. In conjunction, the City of Paris was eager to help tourists and Parisians alike discover Paris neighborhoods in brand-new ways. Therefore, it was only natural that L'Artefact and the City of Paris should combine their resources to put street-art on mobile.

My Paris Street Art is based on discovery, so finding street-art spots around you is key to the mobile app. Street-art is, in essence, spontaneous and ubiquitous. It was clear for both L'Artefact and the City of Paris that they could not keep track of all the street-art spots materializing throughout the city. It therefore became evident that the app should enable mobile users to add new spots they came across. The MobyView platform took care of the geolocation search for street-art spots, as well as the user content management. In just 2 weeks, the app was built and released in app-stores. It quickly became the 6th top download app in the French AppStore.

The Benefits for L'Artefact and the City of Paris

  • The City of Paris offers alternate ways to discover the French capital.
  • L’Artefact has cultivated a vibrant community that is quick to update the app with new spots.
  • My Paris Street Art is a great way for street-art artists to popularize their work.

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