Radio Nova

Get Radio on your mobile

Radio Nova is a leading radio-broadcasting network on the French media scene. Their DNA is really into world and hip music. It just sounds great! but no need for 3 hours of relentless brainstorming to figure out that the mobile channel has become the overwhelming platform for tuning in to your favorite music. The live streaming and the latest hip tunes are readily available on mobile. Just 2 weeks following its release, the Radio Nova app exceeded 200,000 downloads and Nova very dramatically broadens its audience thanks to the mobile format.

The project was all about creating the best music environnement for Radio Nova to stand out in the mobile crowd. With Radio Nova digital team, we brought forward the most asked-after features for all the mobile avid listeners: the player for the live radio feed, the upcoming tunes for the next 2 hours, downloading the best tunes and podcasts. Building these sticky features proved successful as the app has now reached more than 500,000 downloads. As part of our platform endeavor, we created a fully fledged player and integrated Radio Nova's programmatic ad servers.

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