VB Beach Life

Building destination service for tourists

Gold Key is an hospitality group out of Virginia Beach, a large seaside resort on the US East Coast. Gold Key owns hotels and restaurants. The MobyView-powered VB Beach Life is a full destination service, telling tourists where to go. Users discovers their favorite points of interest Gold Key then pushes proximity offers for their different locations. Offers are also available through the E-Conciergerie service.

Guiding Virginia Beach visitors through attractions available around them and then pushing them contextual offers was the core concept of the app. Zooming in on the Virginia Beach Ocean Front and showing on the map points of interest became pivotal. Gold Key properties stand out next to these ongoing attractions. Once the visitor picks his favorite point of interest, targeted offers are sent on the app for him/her to exercise and redeem. Not only was the app built on MobyView but we also provided the backend capability through our seamless Drupal integration. Targeted push notifications were also served from the Drupal CMS with no required development. This project allowed us to deploy our full stack of our mobile app server.

Benefits for Gold Key

  • VB Beach Life is driving transactions up.
  • Gold Key is more knowledgeable about what tourists are interested in.

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