Virginia Beach

The Destination Service for Virginia Tourists

The US East-Coast city of Virginia Beach works in concert with the Beach Street USA organization to promote the resort city and its magnificent oceanfront. As they were looking to easily reach out to the 3 million tourists flocking every year to Virginia Beach, providing a mobile application became the simplest vehicule towards that goal. wherever they are, tourists with their smartphones have easy access to different attractions and entertainment taking place in the city. The app has become the most comprehensive informational tool to know what is going on around the corner.

Virginia Beach is a tourist spot with the recreational season spanning from April through to October. During such time, festivals, concerts, attractions and other happy celebrations are proposed on a daily basis. Reaching out to half a million visitors and letting them know all the entertainment available was the main goal the city organization set to the mobile application. Making the Virginia Beach mobile app the daily companion of more than 500,000 visitors became the challenge that the MobyView platform was to solution. The MobyView team built the content management system to go along with the app so that entertainment, dining and life style happenings could be easily found on the app. The design took special care of clearly differentiating the entertainment proposed on the Ocean Front and that available in Town Center.The app is thus fulfilling its purpose for the most comprehensive mobile city guide. The app reached immediate success with 30,000 downloads.

* Virginia Beach offers its tourist population the easiest way to enjoy continuously their stay in the city.

* Entertainment producers, event organizers, restaurant owners can easily promote their operations through the application.

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