As a start-to-finish mobile app building platform, MobyView has everything you need to build, test, customize and deploy your app from the ground up


« How is my app faring in the stores? ». This is the most crucial question asked by app publishers. MobyView will give you the number of downloads per device, OS, country, city…

App interaction

Get to know how your users and customers interact with your app: what content they are accessing, which searches they are performing, what actions they are triggering and from where. With Mobylitics, our tracking tool, there is no need for any set-up or specific configuration.

Engage and transform

Easily discover how your app users engage with your brand, your content or your services. Review and analyze their activity to provide valuable information to your business or organization. And again, this service is available off the shelf, with no software installation or any specific set-up!

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